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무심하게 바라만 보는 너

아무래도 난 돌아가야겠어.
이곳은 나에게 어울리지 않아
화려한 유혹 속에서 웃고 있지만
모든 것이 낯설기만 해

무심하게 바라만 보는 너

I think I lost something personal in life.

I lost hope, faith, and dream. All I have just a fear.

Let's we see next improvements and updates of myself, sorry.

차라리 혼자가 마음편한 것을
약한 모습 보여서 미안해

Ami, 16, Indonesian. I write anything here like personal rants with too much korean sad songs which it's not your favor, it's better to not really paying attention at here. My grammar is horrible by the way so I'm sorry if you don't really understand with all what I write here. tumblr / twittercaye karen ran
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